Meet Rush and Danny

Meet Rush and Danny

  • Paul Siems - 15.02.2021

The Dog and Owner on our Backgate’s Large Dog Treat

Meet Rush. 


He is a seven-year-old British lab and one of Backgate CEO Danny Kennedy’s furry friends. Rush is pretty famous around here because Danny’s philosophy is everyday is “bring your dog to work” day. 


“I am in a lot of meetings, and dogs are an incredible judge of character,” he said. “I think they also help take the edge off the workday. We don’t always need to be so serious.”

Rush definitely has a way of adding joy to each work day, and he gets plenty of love from his owner, as well as staff who stop by for a quick pick-me-up that only Rush can give. 


But Rush isn’t the only furry visitor we have during the work day. 



Meet Maggie, Danny’s four-year-old British lab. 


Both dogs add to the atmosphere, and Rush is featured on our large dog treat package. Danny is passionate about creating products for animals that add good to their lives. Since Backgate Dog Treats are made with rice from our cooperative of family farmers, we hope our consumers understand how much love goes into making our dog treats. 


“I personally know a lot of farmers, and they take pride in what they do,” Danny said. “We want to create something that is good for dogs because we know they are like family. We designed our Backgate Dog Treats to be primarily made of rice. Our farmers grow the highest quality rice in the U.S., and we want to serve the best to our dogs and yours. That’s a good feeling I hope other people can experience when they give a Backgate Dog Treat to their dog at home.”



There is no relationship like the one with a dog and its owner. Danny and his wife Michele both believe Rush and Maggie are the perfect companions for them. 


Rush is a bucket of love. He knows no strangers and loves a good tummy rub. His larger than life personality lightens the mood in every room he is in. He loves Danny more than anything, and he takes his role at the office very seriously.


Danny is the definition of a dog person. He said some people accuse him of liking dogs more than most people. 

“I truly believe they are man’s best friend,” Danny said. “They are both a big part of my family.  God put Rush in my life at the perfect time, and he loves to be with me. Maggie is the first female I’ve really worked with, and she has a phenomenal work ethic.” 


Both Rush and Maggie love waterfowl hunting and retrieving. Danny said Maggie loves to practice retrieving, where Rush enjoys showboating. 

Danny’s favorite memory of Rush goes back to his puppy days. 


“When I went to see the litter Rush was in, I had a duck wing with me. When I threw it, a little female got it. When all the other pups quit trying to take it, Rush never quit,” he said. “He finally got it and ran into the bushes so the others could not get to him. At that point, I knew he was smart, and I had to add him to our family.”  


Danny and Michele recently got to watch Maggie become a mom to a litter of nine puppies. He said it was a beautiful experience to watch her become a mother and take care of her puppies. 

Check back for more stories on Backgate’s furry friends. 


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