PEMF substantially removes soreness and lameness issues quickly and efficiently.  You will not question if it worked or not; you will immediately see and feel the difference in your horse--without question.
PEMF improves cellular function and health at the molecular level:  

Blood oxygen is increased, the lymphatic system is activated and acupuncture points are stimulated.  These actions reduce pain, reduce inflammation and promote healing.

Treatment is safe and effective with extraordinary results.

PEMF is not stressful for the horse but is calming and relaxing.

PEMF provides pain relief and reduced inflammation.

PEMF increases a horses flexibility and provides even, and more extended motion.

PEMF removes back soreness, improves arthritic conditions, repairs ligaments and tendons.

PEMF relieves even deep muscle soreness because of the deep penetration of the therapy.

PEMF soothes and relaxes tired muscles.

PEMF provides a DRAMATIC reduction of pain.

PEMF reduces the problem of Insufficient oxygen in cells which causes lactic acid build up.

PEMF reduces clumping of the red blood cells which causes inflammation.

PEMF significantly promotes healthy circulation.

PEMF stimulates cell recovery.  It makes cell walls permeable which allows oxygen in and toxins out.

PEMF improves mobility and increases the range of motion.

PEMF prepares the horse for showing and racing and because muscle function has greatly improved; it provides faster and more complete recovery from the activities.

PEMF eases muscle tightness.

PEMF provides neck flexibility and a relaxed jaw.

PEMF provides relief from puffy, sore legs.

PEMF allows the horse to make smoother transitions.

PEMF treatment is relaxing to horses.

PEMF allows the horse to feel GOOD.

PEMF treatment penetrates deeply.

PEMF treatment gives your horse an edge in competition.  It increases energy and the horse's sense of well being.

The list of PEMF's uses seems endless.  Please ask me if you have any questions or concerns.​