How long does therapy take for each horse?
    It varies from horse to horse but generally treatment takes between 30     minutes and sixty minutes.

Will my horse receive a shock (or worse)?
    No.  Electricity never touches the horse.

Is it safe?
    It is 100% safe.

What is done to keep the horse comfortable during the procedure?
    Usually I start slowly because of all the tubes involved.  I take as much time     as needed to acquaint the horse with all of the machinery.  Once the horse     realizes that none of it hurts and that I am not sticking him or twitching him or     harassing him in any way, he will relax. On subsequent visits many horses     nap a bit while receiving PEMF.

What if I'm not sure of exactly where the soreness or stiffness originates?
    That is one of the advantages of the PEMF procedure.  It allows me to     determine exactly where the problems are and where they originated.

How often does my horse need treatment?
    It depends on many things.  How long has he been bothered by the problem,     how much of his body is affected?  Has the cause of the problem been     determined?  On and on with MY questions.  Every horse is different and a     more honest and reasonable answer can be given after the first session.

How long does a treatment take?
    Generally 30 to 45 minutes.  It depends on the individual horse and its needs.

Can treatments be done at shows and competitions?
    It is great to do a treatment at that time.  How long before your competition     depends upon the needs of the horse and the desired results. You will be 
    thrilled with the results.  Treatment does not make them lazy, it makes them
    feel great and ready to go to work.        

Following are some basic FAQs and answers, but you can call, text, or email me anytime with your specific questions.  And, if your question should be listed here--tell me!